04 Oct / 2007

[photography] Blue Angels at FleetWeek in San Francisco

Fleet week is in San Francisco. And Blue Angles are back, roaring through crisp autumn skies, ‘shock-and-awe’ing crowds, scaring dogs and ticking off some San Francisco Board of Supervisors 🙂 (see here and here )

I love watching these precision flying machines and love photographing them even more! I went to the practice runs on Thursday and Friday [they practice for 2 days – Thu & Fri, and fly for the crowds during the weekend]. Here are some photos:

Checkout Fleet-Week Gallery for more

I have an article that talks about logistics of photographing Fleet Week in San Francisco, and detailing some of the best places to ‘shoot’ Blue Angles, including GPS co-ordinates plotted on a Google Map.

Here are some pictures from 2005, around Fort Point of Golden Gate Bridge

And SFChronicle photographers produce some amazing photos of the event. See here and here.

Sujee Maniyam
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