29 Jul / 2015

Speaking at ForwardJS Conference, San Francisco : “Reference Architecture for Internet of Things” (2015-07-29))

I am  speaking at the following conference.

Forward.JS Conference in San Francisco (agenda)

When : 

San Francisco, CA

Reference Architecture of Internet of Things

Abstract :
We are already in the era of ‘connected things’ — our mobile phones, computers, tablets and wearables sync and talk via ‘cloud’.

IoT presents a lots of challenges;  especially  data coming in at high volume and high velocity  — imagine billions of devices each sending readings every few seconds or minutes.  All this data need to be stored and analyzed.  Plus we need to think about  security, privacy and compliance.

In this talk we will present a reference data architecture for IoT.  We draw on industry’s best practices on Big Data including Lambda architecture patterns.  Lambda architecture outlines generic, scalable and fault-tolerant data processing.  We will illustrate a potential data pipeline and discuss how each stage might be implemented and technology choices at each stage.  


Architects, Developers, IT Managers

Talk Duration
45 mins – 1 hr

Reference Architecture for Internet of Things

Sujee Maniyam is speaking at

Reference Architecture for Internet of Things

Sujee Maniyam
Sujee is a founder, principal at Elephant Scale where he provides consulting and training on Big Data technologies

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