Hi there, I am Sujee Maniyam.   I am a technologist and co-founder and principal consultant at Elephant Scale – we offer expert consulting training for Big Data technologies.

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My email  : hello@sujee.net
My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sujeemaniyam


Sujee Maniyam is a hands-on Big Data expert and author. He has been developing software for 15 years. His current focus is Big Data technologies (Hadoop, NoSQL and Cloud). Sujee has authored and contributed to many open source projects. He speaks at various conferences and meetups. Sujee runs ‘Big Data Gurus‘ meetup in San Jose, CA. Sujee has authored books on Big Data, including an open-source book on Hadoop.

Sujee is a founder and principal at Elephant Scale that specializes in expert consulting and training around Big Data technologies. Sujee and teaches Big Data technologies regularly. He is also an advisor and mentor for various startups.

Sujee’s work can be found @ http://sujee.net

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