21 May / 2007

Hello world ! (again)

Hi all,

I had a blog before every cat and dog had one. But I was getting inundated with so much spam. Pretty soon it became not worthwhile to fight it and I shut the blog down (besides I didn’t have very much interesting stuff to say anyway)

Now, with the excellent Akismeet, it is possible to just write a blog without worrying to much about the spam. So I am trying, once again.

I want to write mostly about tech and photography.

Sujee Maniyam
Sujee is a founder, principal at Elephant Scale where he provides consulting and training on Big Data technologies


  • By Kumaran 28 May 2007

    Hey Sujee… what happend to that 304 online game??

    – Kumaran (from the best city in the world – Sydney)

  • By admin 28 May 2007

    @ Kumaran,
    I haven’t had much time to work on the game. Looking for Java/Eclipse or Javascript developers to finish the game.

    PS : The best city to live is Vancouver 🙂

  • By Niroshan 30 Aug 2007

    Are you trying to say something? Switch to Joomla and you don’t have to complicate your life!

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